Before, During & After Your Baby’s Bris

The ceremony is performed in Hebrew and English for all participants
to understand and appreciate

Honors bestowed at the bris:
K’vater- A person or couple who enters with the baby
Kisei Shel Eliyahu- Person who places baby on special designated chair
Brachot Kriat HaShem *- Blessings and baby naming
Sandak Me’umad * – Holds baby during blessings and naming ceremony
*The last two can be split into two honors each

Prepare for the bris:
-Firm sleeping pillow
-3 cloth diapers/receiving blanket
-3 diapers
-Baby wipes
-Kosher sweet grape wine & kiddush cup
(I will supply Bacitracin and gauze)

Day of Bris – Prior to Bris
-Do not soak or use ointments, creams or lotions on bris area: sponge bath is ok

-Last feeding should end one hour prior to the bris

Day of Bris – After Bris
-Apply Bacitracin on gauze and place on top of area at each diaper change
-Baby may lie in any position that seems comfortable
-If baby is uncomfortable, you may give .4 ml of Liquid Infant Tylanol(consult your pediatrician)

Day After Bris:
-Use Bacitracin on gauze over bris area at each diaper change for the next three days
-The redness will subside in a few days; a soft, light-colored healing scab-tissue may form for several days. This is normal.

Please call Rabbi Mammon with any questions 585.490.3147